Your Virtual Running Coach

Learn safer running techniques, simple training stress monitoring, and recovery.

The Coach focuses on health, safety, and efficiency. His goal is to keep you running into your 80s and beyond. Most runners will profit from having a GOOD COACH. A virtual coach provides many of the benefits of a real coach.

The Coach will analyze your runs.

He will instantly give you feedback on what skills you should be working on next and when you can push harder or should back off. You do not need a strict training plan to gain most of the benefits from using The Coach.

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Dream big.  Achieve your goals.

Safe running can take you places, you never thought possible.

Run to live

Healthy running can provide you with endless amounts of energy regardless of your age. People finish marathons in their 80s and even 90s.

Health gives you options

If you do it right with health-based running, it's likely to become the highlight of your day.

Energy for your family

Wouldn't you like to remove the constraints holding you back from being a kid again?

Time with Friends

Get away from the computer and tv and get outside with your friends.

Incredibly simple.

A 100% new approach to a fitness calendar.


The Coach's calendar focuses on simplicity. He promotes safe and efficient running without needing a strict training program. Most training calendars focus on speed and distance.

Chat with The Coach


Even though he is virtual you can still chat with The Coach.

Are you improving?

Many runners are curious to know if they are improving on a relatively regular basis. Racing is one of the best ways to do that, but many people don’t want to race, and most should not or do not compete regularly enough to know. In training just going faster does not mean anything, you might just be feeling good and went a little faster. You must measure running economy. The Coach does this automatically for you on every run. You will have ups and downs, but generally, if you follow our program and stay consistent you will make some great gains. Easy running will just get faster and faster.

Training History

If you have some training history you can just set up a quick sync process in a few minutes.  This will help answer a lot of the coaches questions.  If you prefer you can just upload it, or tell the coach what you have been up to.

We support all the major platforms.  Most Phone Apps, Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, you name it.

Personal Evaluation

If we can’t find all the information I am looking for in your tracking history We will need to ask you some questions.  The more information you provide, the more personally optimized our recommendations will be.

Coach's Feedback

We have a one of a kind training evaluation platform "The Coach." The Coach goes into great depth to do a full analysis of you as a person.

The Coach takes the ultra-safe route of "less is more" until you have shown through current or past history that you can handle it.

Standing on the shoulders of Giants

Every one of these coaches has contributed so much to running and endurance training that, putting a sub-caption does not do them justice. The Coach just thought he would mention what he feels the single most important contribution they provided to his training and life suggestions.

As an example, Dr. Phil Maffetone is also strong low carb advocate Timothy Noakes wrote a book called "The Lore of Running" that is considered the running bible.



Phil Maffetone

Low Heartrate Training

Timmothy Nokes

Low Carb Athlete

Jack Daniels

Proper Training Intensities


Arthur Lydiard

Easy Running

Stu Mittleton

Running Awareness

Barefoot Ken Bob

Safe Running Style

Simple pricing.


All the essentials to keep you running safely.


Per month


Advanced metrics for safely pushing a little harder. Advanced Q&A chat.


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Groups and Teams

Our group addition lets you and your friends work together.


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Metrics that Matter

Most products focus on pace. From a health perspective, this is a very poor metric to focus on as it just drives you to push harder.  It's healthier to focus on your aerobic efficiency.  You will go faster with less effort as you improve.

Also, another example is the frequently recommended "10% rule" was a poor oversimplification.  Sign up to find out the full details on why these statements are true.

Running Economy

Do more with less.  The professionals know this is important.  Going faster in training is not a sure indicator you are improving, but increases in running economy is.  It shows your aerobic capacity is improving and the efficiency of your heart.   For many people, just consistent walking will make significant changes to your heart.  Running can take it to the next level.

Walking Heartrate

This is another clear indicator your heart is performing more efficiently.  You can also track and measure your resting heart rate. We have an associated iPhone app just built for this.

Hours Per Month

If your goal is to get faster in endurance training, then hours per week or hours per month is the thing that will make the single biggest contributor.  It is better than paying attention to distance because with distance it makes you want to go faster so you can do more in less time.  This is not the best approach for the healthiest body.

Let The Coach help you improve your running and achieve optimum health

The Coach can teach you how to self-monitor your training and life to stay injury free. With his time-proven best practices, you could be running into your 80s and beyond. Right now the DAILY RUN COACH is invite only. Please sign up to get on the waiting list.

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